Doing your business without administrative worries ?

We can take care of your entire administration and your VAT and income tax returns for as little as €54.- per month

Save time

Time is important and every minute you have to spend doing your administration is one too many. We take care of your financial affairs, so that you can focus on your core activities.


Personal Advice

We maintain good relationships with our clients, think along with them, advise them where necessary, solicited and unsolicited. We are always ready to answer any questions for them, even outside working hours.

Let your business grow

Make more profit? Good financial advice is essential. By outsourcing your administration to us, you can be sure that you are not paying too much tax. Our knowledge and expert advice will let you grow your business!

DirectAdvies can offer support to freelancers, SME entrepreneurs, foundations, associations and the hospitality industry.

With our experience and extensive knowledge, we provide expert advice and arrange your administration from A to Z at a low rate. Outsourcing your accounting has never been so easy and pleasant as with us. We take care of your financial affairs, so that you get more return from your company.

Why outsource your accounting to us?

The Beauty Of Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting software increases security and flexibility for companies of all sizes.


The beauty of cloud accounting software is the flexibility it gives you to run your business from work, home or on the go. We have partnered with the industry-leading cloud accounting systems e-Boekhouden, Visma eAccounting and Exact Online giving you instant access to information in real time. We’ll talk with you and help you to decide which one will be best for your business. Prices are based on e-Boekhouden accounting software.

The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting Software

With cloud accounting, software updates can be developed and delivered faster and more easily. This means you don’t need to worry about installing the latest version, you’ll get access to new features instantly. You can be confident that you have an up-to-date picture of how your business is doing, no matter where you are in the world. View a comprehensive list of benefits to cloud accounting software.



the cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information

As a small business owner, you might be concerned about a cloud service provider storing your data. But the cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information. For example, using cloud software, if your laptop is stolen, no one can access your data unless they have a login to the online account. With cloud software, this is where the data lives – as opposed to on your hard drive.


In the event of a natural disaster or fire, being in the cloud means business productivity doesn’t need to be affected because there’s no downtime. All of your information is safely and securely stored off site. As long as you have access to any computer or mobile device connected to the internet, you’re back up and running. 


Cloud-based software companies ensure that the security and privacy of data about you and your organisation is always airtight. If you use online banking, then you’re already primed to use cloud accounting software.


Up-to-date financial information and reports from any device with an internet connection (you can access your numbers with your laptop, smartphone or tablet).

Real time accounting means your records are always completely up to date making it easier for you to make the right decisions. Estimate your tax payments.

Since we can access your data 24/7 you get more value from us – we can help you manage customers / suppliers, and run and grow your business rather than just add up the numbers. We can support you with your key decisions.

Fast, simple customised sales invoicing will make your life simpler. And the facility for emailing of invoices, with the option to attach a statement at the same time, makes it so easy to manage your sales and get paid quicker. Create and send invoices on the go.

Your bank accounts can feed directly into the system, which keeps your accounts up to date and fully reconciled to the bank, this feature will save you a significant amount of time.

At the touch of a button you can get instant reports on your business. Track sales, purchases, debtors and creditors.

Peace of mind knowing that your sensitive financial data is always secure and backed-up automatically.

Your accounts are 100% online, so there’s no software to install. No system downtime because all software upgrades are automatically installed. This worry-free maintenance saves you time and hassle. Updates are free and instantly available.

Knowing that experienced, qualified experts are looking after the essential information used to make decisions and calculate your profits. 

Reduced accountancy fees because it makes it easier for us to produce end of year accounts.

As well as helping you, this system makes our life much easier and that means we can pass this onto you in the form of cost savings. We’ll supply you with the software you need to run your accounts, completely free of charge as part of our bookkeeping packages.

Makes it easy to collaborate online with your team and us.


ZZP+ package

MKB package

The ideal package for the starting self-employed and sole traders without staff

Posting up to 25 purchases and sales invoices per month;

Complete administration;

VAT and Income tax returns (partner included);

Yearly financial statement.

Cloud accounting with online collaboration;

Online invoicing;

App possible.

€ 59

(per month, excl. 21% VAT)

For the somewhat larger sole traders and self-employed people 

Posting up to 75 purchase and sales invoices per month;

Complete administration;

VAT and Income tax returns (partner included);

Yearly financial statement;

Cloud accounting with online collaboration;

Online invoicing;

App possible.

€ 79

(per month, excl. 21% VAT)

For entrepreneurs with a BV, NV or VOF as legal form

Complete administration;

VAT, corporation tax and income tax returns (partners included); 

Yearly financial statement.

Year-end publication at the Chamber of Commerce;

Payroll administration (€ 7.50 excl. VAT per salary slip);

Cloud accounting with online collaboration; 

Online invoicing;

App possible.

€ 99

(per month, excl. 21% VAT)

Simple and easy accounting

The only thing you have to do yourself is submit your administration digitally. You deliver the receipts and invoices, we do the rest!

Take a photo of your invoices with your smartphone or tablet, and send it directly to your administration via our App. Immediately upload all your invoices (which you receive or have saved) into your administration via your personal online portal. Send unlimited e-mails directly to your own digital mailbox that is linked to your own administration.

Digital delivery

Simple and easy. Deliver everything digitally via our app, online portal or e-mail. We do the rest.

Booked within 48 hours

The invoices and receipts supplied are processed within 48 hours

Tax authorities declarations

The VAT, Income Tax and Corporation Tax returns are prepared and sent by us.

Automatic bank Connection

Entering bank statements is a thing of the past. Your bank account is automatically linked to your administration.

24/7 access

Insight into your administration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way you are always informed of the current state of affairs.

No paperwork

An end to a paper archive. With our online administration, your administration is securely stored in the cloud.

Contact a member of the DirectAdvies Team to discuss your options.

A qualified outsourced accountant is one of the best investments for your business. They offer cost savings, quality of information and protection for your business.

These benefits can help you concentrate on activities that are more suited to your skill set.

Do you outsource your accounting operations? What is preventing you from outsourcing your accounting functions?

What is preventing you from outsourcing your accounting functions?